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  • Building Connections and Communities: The Rural Creative Placemaking Summit

    November 30, 2016
    This past October, Art of the Rural and the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) hosted the Next Generation: Rural Creative Placemaking Summit at the University of Iowa. The summit, sponsored by the NEA, USDA, and the University of Iowa, was designed to enhance cross-sector collaboration, elevate intercultural perspectives within the field, and foster greater investment for rural creative placemaking. The alignment of the nation’s only congressionally-funded rural policy institute in collaboration with an arts and culture organization underscores the imperative for the Next Generation Initiative— that the future of rural communities requires relationship between not only the arts and business, or the arts and health, but the arts and all rural sectors that have a stake in the success and sustainability of their rural region.
  • Local Food Systems and Rural Development

    October 24, 2016
    A farmers’ market in Corbin, KY sparks the regeneration of Main Street and builds excitement in the community about future development. Meanwhile, a community school garden in Postville, IA provides a setting for social interaction and encourages physical activity and supports nutritional education for local youth.  Farmers’ markets, food trucks, and community gardens are all tactics rural communities are using to encourage and sustain agricultural businesses and farming activities while supporting local food systems and accessibility to healthy food.  Local food systems are not only important for the health, sustainability and economic vitality of rural communities but they can stimulate additional business activity within the local economy, improve business skills and opportunities, spur consumer spending at other businesses, encourage healthier food choices, and increase programming and activities which draw people to places.
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